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The Steve Laret Team

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What We Do

Utilizing our exceptional experience and knowledge of the Chester County real estate market, we serve an extensive and elite client base. 

Our Mission

Here on the Steve Laret Team, we work relentlessly to empower our clients to build long term wealth through real estate!

Whether buying, selling or investing, our innovative and insightful strategies ensure that our clients win disproportionately on both sides of the transaction. We are invigorated by our work and we are driven to win NOT just get another deal to the settlement table.

Market Knowledge

Any agent can pull comps and get some reasonable idea of what a home will sell for. To that point, so can any reasonably intelligent person regardless of whether they hold a real estate license or not.

On the Steve Laret Team, we go far deeper than the comps. We study the national and global economic data that actively shapes the market long BEFORE it shows up in the comps. This practice allows us to identify useful trends and keep our clients ahead of the market at all times. We think it is helpful to know the wolf is coming before he is at your doorstep. 

Expert Negotiation

We have devoted over a decade to studying the behaviors of people within negotiations.

We endeavor to understand why people do what they do and this allows us to make much more informed decisions and therefore craft far more beneficial outcomes for our clients.

Our job in the negotiation is to pull from the opposition that which they were not prepared to give. That is what expert negotiation is all about!

Commercial Sales

We treat commercial listings and relationships just as we do our residential clients. As an entrepreneur, Steve understands that while commercial sales can sometimes be strictly business and numbers, for many business owners it is emotional. 

At this point, Steve has sold everything from winerys to family owned jewelry stores and he has discovered a real passion for helping specifically small and mid level entrepreneurs make the most of their investments.

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