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Questions to ask in real estate negotiations

Are you asking the right questions in your R...

Nov 21, 2022
As a real estate agent and a professional negotiator, I like to think of information as the most valuable currency ...
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Selling your home without an agent

Can I Sell My Home Without a Real Estate Age...

Nov 10, 2022
In a world with youtube, DIY shows, and endless resources at our fingertips, selling your home without a real estat ...
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real estate agents fail

Where Most Real Estate Agents Fail

Oct 07, 2022
Can you imagine going to court and volunteering to pay the opposition’s legal fees? Of course not! That would ...
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Benefits to Owning a Home

The Top 5 Benefits to Owning a Home

Oct 03, 2022
Making the decision to purchase a home is probably one of the biggest financial decisions that people will make. Ho ...
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Tips for Real Estate Negotiation

The Top 3 Skills You Need To Win at Real Est...

Sep 12, 2022
I don’t mean to slander my own environment but most real estate agents wouldn’t know expert negotiating ...
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Tips for real estate agents

Tips for Real Estate Agents: How To Stand Ou...

Sep 01, 2022
I’ve laid out the best tips for real estate agents looking to separate themselves from the rest in this video ...
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Real Estate Negotiator

Becoming a Master Real Estate Negotiator: Th...

Aug 16, 2022
My pursuit of excellence in becoming a professional real estate negotiator has led me to recognize many parallels b ...
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